Educational Programming

The LGBT Center is dedicated to ensuring that Penn is a welcoming place for people of all identities. One way we do this is by providing the campus and surrounding community with fun and interactive educational opportunities for folks to expand their knowledge and understanding of those who may identify differently than them. Below are descriptions of a few of those programs we are more than willing to bring right to your classroom, office, student organization, college house, etc. We also customize programs to fit your needs. Please contact Wes ( for more info on scheduling one of the sessions below or a customized workshop.

Available Workshops:

LGBTQ+ Basics

 LGBTQ+ Basics is a one-hour interactive training session that provides participants with an overview of LGBTQ+ history, terms, and current issues. Learn what it means to be a member of  LGBTQ+ communities and begin to understand how you can support those who identify differently than you.

LGBTQ+ Ally Training

LGBTQ+ Ally Training is a one-hour training session that provides LGBTQ+ Basics “graduates” with the understanding and resources to be an advocate and active ally to LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff. Allies are provided with tangible resources to enhance their allyship. Please note: participants must complete LGBTQ+ Basics before attending LGBTQ+ Ally Training.

Trans 101

Trans 101 is a one-hour workshop exploring gender identity. It will focus on what it may mean to be transgender and how to support trans identified people. During a time in which we are experiencing a “Gender Revolution,” it is imperative we take the time to educate ourselves on various gender identities we encounter in higher education settings as well as in our everyday lives. Participation in LGBTQ+ Basics and LGBTQ+ Ally Training is not required before attending Trans 101.

Safe Space

Safe Space is a customized four hour interactive training session (meal break included) specifically designed to meet the needs of staff and faculty (could also be broken into two, two-hour sessions). This training will provide an in-depth exploration of personal biases, terminology, cultural perspectives, resources, and tangible skills on how to support members of LGBTQ+ communities, all of which are provided through an intersectional lens. Furthermore, Safe Space will provide an opportunity to actively work through scenarios you may encounter within your specific area. After participants have completed the training, they earn a Safe Space sticker that can be showcased as a visual display of their understanding and advocacy as well as a manual to serve as a guide to assist with their allyship and continued education Due to the time commitment, there is a fee associated with this training.

Customized Programs

In addition to the above mentioned programs, we have several other vibrant educational programs centering around diversity, inclusion, LGBTQ+ rights, microaggressions, intersectionality, advocacy, etc. (some of which are collaborate initiatives with other Penn Resources). As noted earlier, we are more than willing to cater to your needs and provide whatever you believe to be the best fit for your context. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wes (